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“XOL” featuring Peter Br√∂tzmann

Peter Brötzmann (Reeds)
Guy Bettini (Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Pocket trumpet)
Luca Pissavini (Double Bass)
Francesco Miccolis (Drums)

Thursday June 11 2015 Novara Jazz  
Conservatorio Cantelli Via Collegio Gallarini 1, 
I-28100 Novara italia; 9:30 pm;

June 12, 2015 Leoancavallo SPA, 
time: 10:30 pm 
I-Milano, via Antoine Watteau, 7 

13 June, 2015 alle ore 18.00
via Canonica 12 CH-6900 Lugano

14 June 2015 alle ore 17.30
Spazio Panelle 10
via panelle 10 CH-6600 Locarno
0041 79 4418637

Dienstag 16. Juni 2015 http://www.jazz-yl.de/
Jazz:yl Freiklang Freunde e.V. 
Jazzkeller Hofheim
Hattersheimer Str.6b, 65719 Hofheim
Einlass: 19:00 Uhr  Beginn:  20:00 Uhr

Mittwoch 17. Juni um 21.30 Uhr
Parterre Klybeckstr. 1b 4057 Basel

Donnerstag 18. Juni 2015 21.00 Uhr
Club Unterfahrt im Einstein,
D-81675 M√ľnchen-Haidhausen;¬† http://unterfahrt.de/index.php?language=de&action=concert&gigid=4775

19. und 20. Juni 2015 , 20.45
im Sowieso, Weisestr. 24  12049-Berlin.

XOL é un progetto di musica creativa costruita sull’improvvisazione. Ogni singolo musicista mette in gioco la sua personale esperienza tenendo conto delle necessità drammaturgiche del trio, ognuno é interprete e compositore allo stesso tempo. La musica di XOL non lascia indifferenti, imbevuta di tradizione e allo stesso tempo completamente originale, un’opera d’arte sonora che raggiunge i cuori (cuore in senegalese = XOL) e stimola la consapevolezza.

Per questo tour, XOL si arricchisce della presenza di un musicista eccezionale, fondatore e icona incontestata del free-jazz europeo: il sassofonista Peter Brötzmann ha saputo reinventare in maniera completamente personale i canoni del free-jazz afroamericano, portando sui palchi di tutto il mondo progetti dal devastante impatto emotivo che oggi sono considerate pietre miliari del jazz contemporaneo.

Grazie a Pro Helvetia per il supporto.

XOL is a project of creative music, based on free improvisation where each musician puts his personal experience and taking continuously care of the dramaturgy of the trio, every musician becomes a composer and interpreter at the same time.
A music that does not leave indifferent, soaked of tradition and to the same totally original, a resonant work of art that reaches the hearts and stimulates the consciousness.

XOL for the next tournee is enriched of an exceptional musician, founder and exemplary creator of the European freejazz. The saxophone player Peter Brötzmann reinvents in a completely personal key the aesthetics of the afroamerican freejazz putting on stage projects with a large emotional impact and now those projects are true milestones of the modern jazz.

Peter Br√∂tzmann : he began plying free jazz around 1964; in 1965 he played in a group with the virtuoso bassist Peter Kowald and the Swedish drummer Sven-√Öke Johansson. The next year he played with Michael Mantler and Carla Bley’s band and became associated with Alexander Schlippenbach’s Globe Unity Orchestra. In 1969 Br√∂tzmann helped form FMP, a long-lived free jazz label and presenter that issues recordings and sponsors live performances. In the ’70s, Br√∂tzmann would play and record with pianist Fred van Hove, drummer Han Bennink, trumpeter Don Cherry, and trombonist Albert Mangelsdorff, among others. His circle of associates would continue to widen; in 1986 he would play (with drummer Ronald Shannon Jackson, guitarist Sonny Sharrock, and electric bassist/producer Bill Laswell) in Last Exit, a metal/free jazz group that enjoyed brief success. By the late ’90s one would be hard-pressed to name a prominent free jazz musician with whom Br√∂tzmann had not played..
The strength of his personality is matched by his adaptability; as evidence, hear Eight by Three, his 1997 recording with the pianist Borah Bergman and multi-reedist Anthony Braxton. While one might expect Br√∂tzmann’s incendiary nature to overwhelm the more blithe Braxton, he instead manages to parry and complement effectively. With Bergman’s percussive intensity, the record becomes one of the more unusual and compelling free jazz artifacts of the era. In 2007 The Complete Machine Gun Sessions, was released, reissuing the seminal free jazz outing Machine Gun recorded by the Peter Br√∂tzmann Octet in 1968 and featuring two previously unreleased alternate takes and a live track. The ever prolific Br√∂tzmann put out three new sets in 2008, The Fat Is Gone, Born Broke, and The Brain of the Dog in Section, all on Atavistic Records

Guy Bettini: trumpeter, Swiss Italian improviser, lives for twelve years in Berlin, cooperates with Mani Neumeier, Pavel Fajt, Olaf Rupp, Peter Kowald,George Lewis, Tony Buck, Paul Lovens… member of Joelle L√©andre ensemble playing at international festivals in Bremen, Metz, Marseille, Paris, New York…Chamber music with “Margaretes Zimmer‚ÄĚ (M.Huber Soprano,D. de Bernardi dbass) first prize at the”Festival Infernale” Hochschule der K√ľnste Berlin.Live music for dancers projectslike for Toula Limnaios at “Pfefferberg Tanztage” “Akademie der K√ľnste” in Berlin.His most successful project in Berlin was Gel√©e Royale improvised music for the dance floor. His trio “Perla Nera” wins the support in the jazz section of the Berlin Senate in the year 2000. He Works also with DJ Orlow and with the drum & bass trio the “Human Sampler”. Back in Switzerland receives an engagement for a composition at the “Festival of jazz music and culture in Chiasso in 2005. He creates “Freenology” a project with the legendary Sonny Simmons, Paul Lovens and Clayton Thomas,concerts across Europe par ex. at the “Uncool Festival 2009″ in Poschiavo, 2011 Jazz Festival at Luz as well as at the Festival “Konfrontationen” Nickelsdorf.”Der Ersatzmann” Quartet with Alex von Schlippenbach, swiss tour. Founder and conductor of the Ensemble “Sous-sol” group or collective improvisation.Collaborations with J.Demierre,
U.Leimgruber, B.Phillips, C.Berthet, C.Wolfarth, F.Miccolis…

Luca Pissavini
double bass player , was born in Milano in 1980. he starts playing the electric bass in rock formations and progressive , then decides to undertake the study of Double bass by self-taught in both jazz and classical music. began studying music and bass with Barre Phillipps (2012 ) . 
He records and plays with Ken Vandermard , ( RARA AVIS disc released for dENRecord , European tour 2013) , records and plays with Sabir Mateen ( Novara Jazz , disc published by Noto Two) , plays at Umbria Jazz ( 2012/2013 with NuTimbre , tour 2012 / 2013 in eastern Europe ) , in Novara Jazz 2013 with LuPi ( quartet of his compositions ) , at JapZitaly 2012 ( has the fortune of playing with Sadao Watanabe , Tiger Okoshi , Akira Onozuka , Kizan Daiyoshi , Hideshi Takatani , Masa Oya ) , wins Porsche Jazz Festival with Nido Workshop ( 2012 ) , is pleased to have played with: G. Mimmo , B Taylor , G.Bettini , F. Miccolis, D. Kayros , S.Ferrian , H. Sjostrom, I. Adato , E. Manera , M. Doneda , L. Mezzacappa , A. Braida , Fracture , Nido Workshop , Carnenera , C. Iemulo , A. Chen, Freecanvas ( interdisciplinary show between painting and music ).
he has an intense live activity as a bandleader and as a session man in the context of improvisation , jazz and experimental music .

Francesco Miccolis is warmed-up from south Italy. Throughout his childhood home, he listened only neapolitan music and this his first reference. For him all his here. After musical studies between Milan (I) Paris (F) and New York (US), Francesco he moved to Lausanne (Switzerland). He also studied at the Jazz School of Lausanne and living in this city since 90′.
His curiosity and openness to the music led him to meet musicians from all backgrounds and musical styles. His working in the jazz underground scene prompted him to work with people like Guillaume Perret, No√ęl Akchot√©, Achille Succi, Steve Potts, M√©deric Collignon, Yannick Barman, John Menoud, Dragos Tara, Juan Jos√© Rivas, Laurent Bruttin, Malcolm Braff, Gilles Aubry, Antoine Chessex, Samuel Blaser, Riccardo Del Fra, Gabriel Zufferey, Laurent Estoppey, Pierre Audetat, Jean-Philippe Zwahlen, Roberto Pianca, Hilaria Kramer, Christian Weber, Raph√§el Ortiz, Antoine L√§ng,¬† among many others‚ĶAfter more of thirty recordings studio session for albums and after having traveled all over Europe (Paris, Milan, New-York, Rome, Naples, Marseille, London, Amsterdam, Oslo, Belgrado, Chisinau, Z√ľrich, Berlin, Lyon, Nis, Riga, Bucharest, Budapest, Brno, Praha, Athena, Lisbon, Barcelona, Casablanca, Kuala Lumpur, ecc..) with is sound , now, his personal focus, is on originally compositions written from him, with originally hip-hop drum sound in various styles; from jazz and free jazz to drum&bass, from classical contemporary music to dubstep, from nu-metal things to odd meters hypnotic stuff. Beyond this his broad views led him to work for theater and dance projects.

info@circoru.org 0041 79 44 18 637

Spazio Culturale Panelle 10
via panelle 10 6600 Locarno 079 4418637 info@circoru.org


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