10 Mag 15

OCTOPUS minimalimproambient

Domenica 10.05.2015 ore 17.30


Roberto Domeniconi tastiera, sint, piano
Thomas Tavano basso elettrico
Christof Zurbuchen clarinetto, fx
Felix Perret batteria

Spazio Culturale Panelle 10
via panelle 10 6600 Locarno 079 4418637 info@circoru.org

“Octopus” quando le sonorità jazz vanno a farsi un bagno nelle sospensioni elettroniche di flussi e riflussi di improvvisazioni minimali, 
ed atmosfere spaziali. 

Imagine: a group of underwater aliens, shoulder to shoulder at a bar on the bottom of the sea, drinking fresh ink – and singing!

Realizing this situation is just exactly what Roberto Domenicioni, Thomas Tavano, Christof Zurbuchen, Felix Perret and Niki Neecke are doing musically: freely improvised music, in different states of fluidity.
Five instrumentalists, unite their individual ideas and experiences in a free music, rising up from the ocean’s abysses.
Octopus’ call!

The band was formed in autumn 2001. The freedom and fun they have discovered whilst playing together in such a project ensures that the band’s music is constantly evolving.
Octopus uses freely improvised ‘themes’, ‘parts’ or moods together with today’s electronics – in real time.
This results in a music that – just like nature – invents itself over and over again.


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